Under Floor Heating vs. Traditional Heating


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Most Irish people will agree that there is nothing better than coming in from the cold of the night and relaxing in a warm sitting room that’s cosy and comfy. Do you agree? If so, you’ll know just how important having the right heating system is to achieve this optimum level of warmth and comfort.

There are many ways of heating a household and if you are still undecided as to which one to pick, we hope that the pointers below will help with your decision-making. Whether your preference lies with under floor heating or traditional heating, let’s take a look at some of the factors that you’ll need to take into account when making your decision between the two.

Visual Appeal

When it comes to visual appeal, there is one clear winner between these two contenders. While traditional heating radiators have come a long way in terms of appearance and although they can be concealed by implementing various interior design tricks, it’s the under floor heating method that comes out on top.

Forget wires, forget having to paint radiators the same colour as your walls, forget a bulky appearance as you can avail of a virtually invisible heating system when you choose under floor heating.

Eco-friendly Aspect

Again, it’s the under floor heating option that triumphs when it comes to eco-friendliness. The reason why is that under floor heating requires much less energy to run, as it emanates heat over a wide surface area providing a more consistent temperature throughout a room. In contrast, radiators can heat up a small area much quicker but they need to be positioned correctly so as to not lose heat and even if they are positioned correctly, they can still lose heat quicker.

Heating Capability

When it comes to heating capability, traditional heating using radiators is relatively quick and can warm up a room much faster than under floor heating. For this reason, if time efficiency is important to you, it’s the traditional method that should win on this vote.

Installation Cost

Traditional heating is one of the most common systems that’s fitted in homes and this is mostly because it is an easily installed system that’s not overly expensive to do. In contrast, when it comes to installation, under floor heating is considerably more expensive and, as it’s quite a big job to do, it’s usually installed during the building or the complete renovation of a property.


Who cleans behind their radiators often? Unfortunately, dust has a tendency to accumulate behind radiators while, on the other hand, under floor heating makes wet floors dry quickly, they’re free of dust and they ensure low moisture within the home. For all of these reasons, under floor heating wins easily when it comes to cleanliness.

Taking these factors into account should help you see which type of heating would best suit your lifestyle and own personal taste. So, whether you’d prefer a minimalistic design where walking barefoot over warm tiles is your thing or if a more traditional radiator that’s a bit bulky but warms up ever so swiftly ticks all of your boxes, make sure to find a reputable company to complete the project for you.