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Solar Panels

Ireland may not seem like the most ideal place for solar panels. However Ireland is one of the most temperate countries in the world with the lowest difference between high and low temperatures. This means that solar heating systems can provide extremely consistent savings in energy. Also, Solar radiation penetrates cloud cover throughout the year. EcoScene are fully qualified and highly experienced in solar heating installation.

Benefits of Solar Heating

It’s Free! You don’t have to pay for sunlight and you won’t be charged tax for using it either.

It can dramatically reduce the cost of home heating bills.

Grants are available from the SEAI Better Energy Scheme to reduce the cost of installation. EcoScene are a registered SEAI installer.

Reduces or even eliminates the need to burn costly, environmentally un-friendly and non-renewable fossil fuels.

Once installed, Solar Heating panels require essentially no maintenance to continue to operate.

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Why Choose EcoScene?

EcoScene specialise in renewable energy plumbing and heating installations and have many years of experience installing solar and other renewable heating systems.

EcoScene are dedicated to providing Irish households with energy efficient and eco-friendly home heating solutions to save on waste and cost and protect the environment.

EcoScene use Irish suppliers and where possible Irish manufacturers, keeping Irish businesses healthy.

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