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Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating is the most energy efficient means of keeping you and your home warm. Much of the heat from wall mounted radiators goes straight up the wall to the ceiling without heating the room. Underfloor heating heats air across the entire room and warms you directly as you walk across it.

Benefits of Underfloor Heating

Because underfloor heating is more efficient overall, it can generally be set at a lower temperature to produce a comparable heating effect to a radiator.

Underfloor heating heats the entire room evenly resulting in a much more comfortable space.

Without bulky radiators taking up wall space you are not restricted in how you place furniture throughout the room.

Rooms are also generally cleaner and less dusty without radiators acting as dust traps.

The heating system heats you directly through your feet making you warmer much more quickly than waiting for a radiator to heat up the air surrounding you.

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“After researching alternative heating systems for over a year for a new house, I am glad to have chosen Eco Scene Ltd. Barry at Eco Scene installed a Nibe Geothermal Heat Pump, and now I have an excellent heating system with very low running costs, despite my heating system being on 24/7. I strongly recommend Eco Scene Ltd and Barry to anyone that wants the job done right”

Michael Kelly, Ashford, Co. Wicklow

Why Choose EcoScene?

With over 15 years experience installing Underfloor Heating EcoScene can install your underfloor heating quickly and cleanly.

EcoScene are certified underfloor heating installers EcoScene use Irish suppliers and where possible, Irish made products to support Irish businesses.

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