Reduce your heating bills now, you can save up to one third of your heating costs with immediate effect by changing from traditional heating systems like oil or gas to a new efficient heat pump. 

Consumers seeking an alternative efficient heating system can save valuable time and money by engaging the services of an experienced professional company such as Wicklow based Eco Scene.  We offer solutions to your heating problems combining ethical business practices with expertise and customer service.

What are the main benefits of heat pumps?

There are many benefits, both financial and environmental, associated with heat pump installations which are the reason heat pump systems have become very popular over the last decade or so. They can be used to heat or cool space through radiators, air convectors and under floor heating systems, and can also be used to heat water for general use in your home.

Heat Pumps provide heat and cooling

Heat pumps can provide space heating and space cooling at the touch of a button using a wall monitor, a remote or even a phone app. This heating or cooling can be provided very quickly due to the nature of their design. When installed to the right specifications and in the correct manner they provide very effective control over room temperature, are very quick to heat or cool a space and then sustain the desired temperature.

Heat Pumps have great financial benefits

A heat pump will most likely save you a lot of money on your annual fuel bills due to its very high energy efficiency ratings. The initial outlay can be daunting and although they have been shown to add value to your property, it’s often a good idea to look at a theoretical pay-back-period. If you don’t see yourself staying at the property or if you are in old age, it may be more cost effective to stay with your current heating system. Do take into consideration the other benefits of a heat pump system though.

Heat Pump systems are likely to substantially lower your carbon footprint.

Due to the fact that a heat pump doesn’t directly use combustion to generate heat (heat pumps do not burn anything), there are no carbon emissions other than those created at the point of the electricity’s production and only a small amount of electricity is needed to run the compressor. This makes a heat pump an extremely eco-friendly space heating / cooling technology. Heat pumps are also more environmentally friendly than ever, as they now use R410A refrigerant which does not harm the ozone layer if released.

A heat pump will help prevent condensation.

If you decide to use your heat pump for cooling in the summer then your room will be automatically dehumidified as a function of the heat pump. In the winter the warm air that’s circulated around your property by your heat pump will also serve to reduce condensation.

Heat pumps help improve your home’s air quality.

As heat pumps don’t burn anything to create heat they don’t produce any smoke or add fumes to the air. As your heat pump circulates the air in your room, the filters clean and purify the air removing dust, mould spores, odours, smoke and other particles. This makes them excellent for people that suffer from asthma and allergies.

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