Underfloor heating is a great way to keep your home warm. It’s lovely to walk on, it distributes heat evenly around each corner of the room, and it frees your walls from radiators, making more space for paintings, shelf units or even picture windows – or allowing you ot create a minimalist look if you wish.

What are the good things about underfloor heating systems?

  • Comfort! Your feet will be lovely and warm, so you can walk around barefoot all year – it’s particularly welcoming in the bathroom when you step out of the bath or shower
  • It distributes heat evenly and consistently around each room
  • A suitably sized unit can heat a larger area than an individual radiator, and works at a lower temperature, so it could reduce your heating bills
  • Less wastage – your floors will stay warm even if the windows are open or the room is very draughty
  • It’s hidden – so it doesn’t spoil your décor or take up space with ugly, bulky radiators
  • It can be installed below stone, tile, wood or carpeted floors (as long as the carpet isn’t too thick – a 1.5 tog is generally considered the maximum suitable thickness)
  • It might enhance your home’s selling price: underfloor heating has a reputation for being state of the art and high spec and could attract buyers looking for a luxurious property.

What will underfloor heating cost to install?

Installation costs can vary hugely, depending on whether you choose an electric or water-based system, the number of rooms you want to heat, whether you’re fitting a new-build home, extension or an older building, and what kind of flooring you have. Why not give us a call today so we can quote you based on your property needs? Call us on +01 902 3793 

Underfloor heating is becoming more and more common in both new builds and existing homes, and with good reason. Heating in this was has attractive advantages, which make home owners more likely to heat in this way. Below you will find further details of the advantages of underground heating. 

More Comfort

Underfloor heating works by radiating heating from the floor to the roof, allowing for an even ambient temperature around the body, thus allowing pleasant warmth at a lower temperature than conventional heaters.

Saving Energy

With the rising cost in energy pricing, underfloor heating is the perfect solution due to its lower temperature than radiators, but an even and pleasurable heat throughout a room, allowing for cheaper running costs, yet a more efficient heating system.

More Space

Heaters are eyesores. In any property, private or business, a heater in a room instantly distracts from the delights in a room, but underfloor heating is hidden in plain sight, allowing an invisible yet effective system.

Improved Air

Not only does underfloor heating cause a more pleasurable heat source, it also allows for cleaner air in every room.

Underfloor heating allows a continuous air flow throughout a room while heating. In comparison, with a radiator system, stale warm air remains being circulated within a room.

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