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Here, we go through some of the most common reasons you may be experiencing problems with your central heating system:

Thermostat Problems

If the thermostat is faulty it won’t be able to ‘tell’ the boiler when to stop heating the water in the radiators, leading to an overheated room.

The Boiler Won’t Turn On

Or will not stay on. You may simply need to reset your boiler by turning it off, leaving it for ten seconds, and turning it back on again. If this doesn’t work, check your Pilot Light.

Pilot Light

If your pilot light keeps going out or won’t ignite at all, this could be down to certain variables, including:

  • Mains gas supply: always check your mains gas supply by testing your other gas appliances such as your cooker. If these don’t work, the problem is with your gas supply, not the boiler, and you’ll need to contact your gas supplier to rectify the problem.
  • Dirty pilot light tube: your pilot light may not be able to light due to a buildup of dirt and debris in the pilot light tube. You can remove this to clean it, but only do so if you’re confident in doing it correctly.
  • Low water pressure: check the pressure on the pressure gauge; it should be between one and two bars of atmospheric pressure

Radiator Problems

Radiators that are hot on the top and cold on the bottom are an indicator of rust and sludge in the radiators, and the system will require a flush through or drain down.

Banging noise can also be a sign of this or there may be trapped air in the central heating system. Radiators that are cold on the top and hot on the bottom are a definite indication of air in the system, as the air traps the hot water and prevents it from travelling to the top.

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