The current trend in bathrooms is away from bath tubs.  Safety and convenience are the reasons many people are replacing the family bathtub with a walk-in-shower. Bathtubs require time to fill, use lots of water, and can be difficult to climb in and out of. As well, in our on-the-go society, many people have no time for baths. Showering has become the ritual of the day for the most of us.

Freedom to live at home

Because of their freedom of movement, these showers are becoming more popular among those with limited mobility. These type of showers are modern and easy to clean.  They feature options such as grab bars, comfortable seating, and hand held shower heads on adjustable slide bars.

There are several reasons that make a walk-in shower an appealing choice. If you are considering a bathroom remodel or quick face-lift, here are some of the most intriguing benefits of going with a walk in shower.
Without having to lift up you legs to get in and out, there is a reduced risk of falling in a shower. This makes it a great option for small children, the elderly and the disabled. The materials used are generally safer as well. Cast iron, porcelain and fiberglass bathtubs are notorious for being slippery, especially when wet. A simple tiled shower floor can not just look more appealing but can also add a level of security knowing that anyone using the shower will be safer from accidents.
In most cases, going with just a shower will be more affordable if you are redoing your entire bathroom design. You will also have a wider choice of fixtures to consider because you aren’t limited to ones that need to divert the water between the shower head and bathtub faucet. If your budget is not very constricted, the money saved on the tub can be put into accessories for the shower, such as luxurious faucets and programmable shower-heads.
Shower curtains and liners are susceptible to mould growth. They are also usually a hassle in general, never staying in place and sometimes getting in the way. They can also make the shower feel smaller than it is. By going with a walk-in shower, walls are minimal and if going with a glass frame, the shower will automatically feel larger. Glass and tile are also much easier to keep clean and mildew free.

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