Winter is the time of year when we rely more heavily on our boiler. In a lot of properties, it provides hot water for the heating system, as well as for taps in the bathroom and kitchen.

If it breaks down, you are likely to be left with no heating and no hot water until repairs are finished. As such, it is important to have a boiler health check done before winter sets in.

Despite our increased reliance on the boiler, wintertime is when many people have their annual service conducted. Having a boiler health check before winter kicks in means that it is less likely to break down when placed under additional load.  

Regular maintenance is important for the ongoing health of a boiler. The engineer will be able to identify any minor problems and remedy them before they become major issues.

They will spot parts that are starting to wear down, and they will identify any other issues. Even small problems can become a major issue in winter.

The additional wear and tear mean that parts will become worn out and potentially broken. Winter is when most boilers break down and need repairs.

It is also the busiest time of year for engineers, and if you find yourself without heating at weekends or overnight, you may have to pay higher emergency callout fee.

Ecoscene specialise in the installation of domestic boilers and are able to attend to all your boiler installation requirements however large or small.

A large amount of our work is obtained by word of mouth, a situation we want to continue as our reputation means everything to us.

Our aim will and always has been to ensure customer satisfaction from the moment of contact to the completion of all the work.

The EcoScene team is well acquainted with all new boiler systems available and can advise on what boiler system is suited to individual requirements. Book your Boiler Service here   

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