Funky Modern Bathroom Design by Ecoscene

With the latest sanitary ware, storage pieces, tiles and flooring even the dinkiest bathroom can be made to function brilliantly and look absolutely fabulous.

Laying a patterned floor in your small bathroom is a sure fire way of giving it a big personality as it’s an eye-catching trend that suits all styles. The rest of the bathroom needs to remain relatively plain in comparison to balance the space, while wall hung fixtures will let the pattern pop. 

Give your small bathroom an elegant style element with timeless and co-ordinated cabinetry. Vanity units with cupboard doors will keep surfaces clear and tidy. Painted wood finishes will add structure and substance and as long as balanced with a pale backdrop deep tones will give the room plenty of character.

It’s often easier to be more daring with colour in a small space, such as a bathroom. If you get it wrong it’s not such an expensive mistake to fix, but chances are you will be delighted that you went for the bold option. Just because your walls are narrow it doesn’t mean that you can’t make a feature out of at least one of them. Turn the main wall that you look at into a feature wall, either using a pattern of tiles, stripes of different coloured bathroom paint.

Use clever optical illusions in your small bathroom to make it feel much larger and more spacious than it actually is. Tiles can play a big part in this. Tiles placed in vertical stripes will help the walls to feel wider, those that run in vertical stripes will help to make the room feel taller, while tiles that sweep outwards in a V-shape will help the whole room to feel bigger.

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The bathroom may be the smallest room in the house, but there’s no reason why it can’t make a decorative splash. From traditional bathrooms and country iterations, via the modern, marble-clad, wild and wonderful, these small spaces prove the power the decoration has in elevating a room to new heights. Whether you are thinking of decorating your downstairs loo or your en-suite, take a look at our collection of bathroom designs.

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