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With Ecoscene, creating a wet room in your dream bathroom couldn’t be easier. Wetrooms can provide a large showering area with level access and wheelchair access. With the quality finish you would expect from Ecoscene our wet rooms are 100% watertight and would make a stunning feature to your bathroom.

We believe wet rooms are more than just a functional space, our wet rooms are designed to your specifications in order to create the ultimate in-home retreat that allows you to relax in a comfortable space. We incorporate high quality fixtures and design elements, mood lighting and tactile materials to ensure taking a shower is a part of the day you look forward to.

Read on to learn more benefits:

1. A Wet Room Adds a Touch of Luxury

The sleek tiling and spacious feel of a wet room creates a luxurious feel akin to an exclusive hotel in your own home. You can increase this luxury feeling with electric underfloor heating which warms the tiles and helps moisture evaporate more quickly. Your feet will appreciate this cosy benefit.

2. A Wet Room Offers Flexibility in Layout and Design

You can be as creative as you like when designing your wet room layout and design features. They are great for rooms of all sizes and create a spacious feel even in small bathrooms, especially when using light coloured tiles. Shower screens are optional in full wet rooms and you can choose to have a bath if space permits.

3. Wet Rooms are Completely Waterproof

When properly installed wet rooms are completely waterproof, providing reassurance that water will not leak through any of the walls or floor. This also means a wet room can potentially be installed on any floor of your house.

4. Wet Rooms Provide Safety and Convenience

The level access shower of a wet room is a safe and practical option, particularly for the elderly or less able.

5. A Wet Room Can Increase the Value of your Home

When adding a wet room as a second bathroom in your home, it can increase the resale value of your home. Buyers tend to view a wet room as a practical, modern and desirable addition. It is important to note that most people do want a bath in the house so it is best to either add the wet room as a second bathroom or install a bath in it.

6. Wet Rooms are Easy to Clean and Maintain

Wet rooms are generally easier to clean than a conventional bathroom and are low maintenance. This is particularly the case when the room has a wall hung toilet and sink, providing easy cleaning access to the entire floor.

Wetrooms look fantastic in sleek, modern bathrooms and are a practical solution too as they are easy to clean as well as providing an accessible shower space for children, the elderly and anyone with mobility problems. A wetroom is also fantastic for unusual shaped spaces in which a traditional shower cubicle or bath would prove too awkward.

A wetroom can be installed in a large space or a small space, its just a matter of designing it to suit your requirements. If you have a small or awkward space, such as an understair cupboard or an ensuite in a loft conversion, a wetroom may actually be the perfect solution. Wetrooms can also work brilliantly in large bathtooms, an expansive walk-in bathroom can become a luxurious space.

Our wet room installation team consist of trade-specific craftsmen who maintain their professionalism at all times, treating your home as if it was their own. Our teams have repeatedly been praised by our clients for their friendliness and their attitude to maintaining deadlines and fantastic standards of work.


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