Heat Pumps

Heat pumps are gradually becoming more popular in Irish homes. A lot of this is down to the 2008 Building Regulations where they require all new homes to include at least one type of renewable energy source. This was to reduce our reliance on the environmentally damaging fossil fuels. Since then, we have seen increasing demand for renewable technologies such as heat pumps and solar panels.

Heat pumps are an environmentally friendly and extremely efficient alternative to oil, gas, solid fuel and conventional home heating systems. The most common heat pumps work by converting energy from the air outside of your home into useful heat inside, in the same way a fridge extracts heat from its inside.

Heat pumps work best when your house is well insulated with a low heat loss. Otherwise the heat pump could be quite inefficient. 

Types of Heat Pumps:

  • Air to water heat pump
  • Ground Source Heat Pump- vertical bore hole/ ground collector
  • Exhaust Air Heat Pumps – Used mainly in apartments and smaller houses
  • Heat pump cylinders – to heat water only

We offer our clients Heat Pumps systems with:

  • The lowest running costs
  • Simplest controls
  • Easiest and simplest installation possible
  • Best warranty & Peace of Mind
  • Excellent back-up and support from Europe’s leading manufacturer

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